Potato Pancakes

It started out like every other day, with me tossing and turning in bed. The struggle to drag myself out of bed is a battle I fight everyday. As I lay there thinking to myself ‘do I really need this job?’, my stomach growled, and I knew that the battle had been lost. I was…

Giveaway Winners

Good Friday on this Good Friday! Isn’t it amazing that it’s a good Friday on this Good Friday? What a good Friday! 😂 Sorry for the dry joke. Anyway, I am psyched becase today is the day I announce the giveaway winners. Can I be cheesy, and say that ,everyone is a winner, but only…

Cremé Caramel and Cupcakes (giveaway).

This week has been a dragggg. It’s almost like we ran through March to suffer in April. Well, in the spirit of all things delicious and the fast approaching public holiday, I have a wonderful story for ya’ll. When I was much younger, cremé caramel was a constant at our parties. My aunt could make…

How My Mouth Got Me Into Hot Soup!

Hi guys. I would love to share a wonderful food experience I had last year. The tongue is a powerful part of the body. It has the ability to do and undo. Nigerians would usually say, my mouth finally landed me in hot soup. This means that something someone said had caused them to get…

Flour, Eggs, Magic! Just Kidding. It’s Magic Cake.

Before you get jittery, its not a magic cake in the sense that you bake it and it disappears *poof*. Although I wish it did. That’s gonna be a perfect magic trick. LOL.  Now that I’m thinking about it, it’s really that good. It would be gone in the twinkling of an eye. It’s the…

Pineapple Upside Down Cake 

​ I​ remember the first time I heard of a pineapple upside down cake, I was in junior secondary school. It was a classmate that was talking about it. As he was rambling on and on, I wondered how this would look, and how it would work, and how it would taste.  Well, years into the…

Glycerin Magic

So, as a Cheapito without repentance that I am, I decided to use my skin as a tester.

Cinnamon- Coconut Puff Puff

Well, I decided to add coconuts to what we can all agree is already an awesome recipe, puff puff. So this here is a minor adjustment to the basic puff puff recipe to make it even more fabulous.

Semolina Cookies 

For a while now, I have been itching to make shortbread cookies, but I always find a reason not to. Largely because my attempts in the past have only produced burnt cookies (yes, my shortbread cookies always turn dark brown😟),

A Little Bit Of Everything 

The burger came with a side of fries, and a little tub of ketchup. The fries were just enough. I would say a little too much, but you can’t have too many fries now, can you?