Roasted Yam

I don’t know what my obsession with street food, yam, or yam that is street food is, but
today I stopped by a bole seller that happened to be selling roasted yam also.
I was more than excited when I noticed that there were no leaves in the sauce,
and she did not have this weird orange coloring that the normal Bole and yam
sellers give their bole and yam, and yes even chicken.  Yes, the normal sauce here is any random edible leaf fried in a lot of oil. I was horrified the first time I tried it, and I swore
never to try it again.

Roasted yam is an amazing discovery, and I was more than happy when I noticed that this woman had yam and plantain that looked very familiar. I was more than happy when I
asked if she had leafy vegetables in the sauce, and she said ‘no’, she only has Utazi and
onions that were optional. God bless Akwa Ibom NYSC State Coordinator for
making today a general CDS.

I bought some of the  yam, and looked in joy as she spread the salt, sauce, and onions  over the yam. Sadly, she did not have kpomo but she had fried fish. I was happy anyway, and I bought my yam to-go, and hopped on the next available tricycle back home.

I couldn’t wait to dig into this awesome meal, but my hopes were quickly dashed. I know I am not an easy person to please food-wise, but it’s known that roasted yam sauce is
made of pepper, onions, palm oil, and more pepper, but this was just stew.
Plain stew made with tomatoes. Thankfully, the fish was crispy on the outside
and tender on the inside, and that made up for the inadequate salt. And the yam
was well roasted, you know, crunchy on the outside and so soft on the inside.

To cut the long story short, I may have found my roasted yam woman. Just a little walk off
Union Bank at Abak Road, Uyo. Just remind her to sprinkle a little more salt on
the whole meal before tying it up.

Till then remain
Safe and Fit.


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