Ojojo (Yam Fritters)

Hey loves,

Today, I was rudely woken up by two of my friends very early in the morning and deep into my wonderful Saturday sleep.

Anyway, to atone for their sins, they decided to take me on a journey to the west. And how did they decide to do this? By making ojojo (I hope that’s how it’s spelt).

It’s made of:

1. Grated water yam

2. Chopped onions;

3. Blended pepper;

4. Crayfish;

5. Salt and stock cubes.

Those are the basic ingredients, but from what I gathered, kpomo, meat, and so many other things may be added to the paste.

Yes, it’s a paste! Grated water yam makes a paste and not yam flakes.

Oil is heated (about 3 inches of oil) and then the paste is fried just like akara or puff-puff (in spoonfuls, or scooped with your fingers).

Be sure to turn over once golden brown on the other side.

What this created was a crunchy exterior, and soft interior.

It was an exciting journey to the west and they definitely atoned for their terrible sin of waking me up.

Ojojo is a must try for everyone.

Till next time,

Stay safe.


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