Doughnut Chronicles I

I have never been much of a doughnut person. I would rather have something else to eat. Don’t get me wrong,  they always look delicious  with all the glazes and toppings but they just don’t appeal to me. Until one day I waltzed into Kilimanjaro to get a scotch egg, and I ended up getting a doughnut also because “what the heck? Let me just throw that in”.

Now, I feel the need to let you know what matters to me when grading a doughnut. So, here goes:
1. Size: this can be very deceptive. I learnt this the hard way. I have  come across some doughnuts that are so massive and look so yummy but are raw dough on the inside. Or, they’re massive and way too oily, or they’re small and too dense and tough. The list is endless.
2. Filling: Who doesn’t like a fluffy doughnut with delicious filling? I feel the need to say this: Please, if it’s a filled  doughnut, be liberal with your filling. I have come across a “jelly doughnut” that did not have any filling at all. It had just a candied cherry ontop. I am of the opinion that this was done to con unsuspecting buyers, of which I happened to be one.
3. Texture:If I wanted a bagel,  I would have gotten a bagel. I don’t want to regret my decision to get a doughnut. Something soft and fluffy would be nice.

These are three basic parameters to be explored when searching for a good doughnut. These are; Size, filling and texture.

From my experience, which happens to be vast, a lot of doughnuts do not make the cut. I still try to eat them once in a while, and I have even gone as far as trying to make mine.

This day brought about a life-changing experience.
First of all, I do not know if it was hunger that caused my mouth to water at the sight of this doughnut,  but it did.
Secondly, it was well fried, not too oily and of average size. And to my amazement,they were ever so liberal with their jelly filling.

As usual, I went back there to make sure it wasn’t the hunger speaking. I am glad to say that it wasn’t the hunger at all.
I think I had been traumatised by my previous doughnut experiences that I had the bar set really low,but here in Uyo, this is my best doughnut experience so far.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. luciano says:

    Great read… I will try out this doughnut.


    1. Unekwu says:

      Thank you! You surely won’t regret it


  2. Aybee says:

    Too bad i can’t share in that experience. Happy for your new found Joy tho 😜


  3. Aybee says:

    Happy for your new found Joy 😜


  4. Faith Alfa says:

    Nice. I like your blog.


    1. Unekwu says:

      Thank you!


  5. Seno says:

    Now this vivid description and accompanying praise is multiplying the hunger for a bite.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jide says:

    It was like something had it out against me trying this doughnut. For like 2 weeks I couldn’t get my hands on it…until I did. Savored every bite of it cuz it was just that good. Thanks for telling me about it 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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