A Little Bit Of Everything 

I fell hopelessly in love with burgers two years ago, when I  went to Annie’s Burger Shack. I  remember thinking to myself ‘what could be so great about burgers?’ Well, it turned out there was something great, amazing even, about those burgers. So great that I couldn’t help but think about how I’d just love to have such a great burger every now and then, but then my dreams were cut short when I  had what I call a bad burger streak. There was always something wrong with the burgers I  had afterwards. It was either they were too small, or had too little mayo, or the beef looked like cows were going extinct, or the bun wasn’t toasted or the bun was burnt or it just lacked flavor in general.
But I do not give up so easily! Last night, I went out to have dinner at Silver Lounge, Ibom Tropicana, Uyo. I  was going to respect myself and jejely order something like curry chicken and steamed rice but then I flipped over to the next page and saw a burger and a panini on the menu and I was torn. Do I stay safe with the rice and chicken or go with a burger or panini and suffer the consequences? The waiter was ready to take my order, and I do not like being the one holding up the table. I heard myself blurt out ‘I’ll have the House Burger’. At once I  felt a little panicky. Don’t we all feel that way when we take a huge risk? This was my dinner I was messing with when there was no chance to get something else afterwards. Nada! No more food! And I went with a burger! I silently prayed that this risk was one worth taking, and eased into the conversation around me.
I am of the opinion that restaurants take so much time with the food so that you can forget about the hunger, thereby making you appreciate the food a lot more when you finally get it. The Silver Lounge is a cozy enough environment, so the wait was easy to handle. The dim lighting and the cool feel of the entire place made it easy to relax and unwind. It is definitely a go-to place after work if you want to relax and catch up with friends. They have the option of sitting inside or sitting in the foyer. We chose a little booth inside with the fully stocked bar close by.
When my food finally came, she was a beauty and I was glad I had taken the risk. The burger came with a side of fries, and a little tub of ketchup. The fries were just enough. I would say a little too much, but you can’t have too many fries now, can you? And the burger was beautiful. It was large and juicy and flavorful and not too spicy. The beef was well seasoned and the vegetables were fresh. And the chef was ever so liberal with all the condiments.  I  was more than excited to dig into this magnificent beauty. Sadly, the buns were not toasted and while this almost broke my heart, they paid for it in every other way.
Over the conversation and our meals, I  could not believe that I had gotten filled so quickly, although everyone had a little bit out of everyone’s food, and it all tasted great. Well, apart from the Jollof rice, and the coconut rice. Those still need some work.
My burger cost N 2,500. I  had a little cocktail to go with it. That cost N 1500.
Altogether, it was a good experience. The Silver Lounge stays open until 10:00pm, and on Tuesday nights they have karaoke.

Access their site Here


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cows going extinct! Loool… ok.. this Uyo is looking good.


  2. Mercy says:

    OMG! I have never thought to go there! This is definitely a must try for me.


  3. Jide says:

    Was skeptical at first when I heard the price but got around to trying it…….. Worth every penny


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