Cinnamon- Coconut Puff Puff


​Coconut, coconut, coconut. This is one fruit that’s readily available down south, making it so easy to toss this into almost every or recipe. It’s so good in everything; from coconut rice, to coconut bread, to coconut macaroons (speaking of, a post about these would be nice), the list is endless. Once a recipe is too simple or just plain boring (yes I said it), and you’re in the mood to add a twist to it, a crunchy twist, why not coconuts? 
Now, as is the cheapito norm, I’m not talking about using some already processed, more expensive alternative. Nope, I am talking fresh coconuts (that haven’t been dried or had their milk extracted). 

I am going to go a step further and attempt to defend my choi​ce. I prefer to use fresh coconuts because: 
​1. Well, they are fresh. 
​2. They still got all the yummy coconut milk and coconut flavor trapped inside.
3. They are CHEAPER!
Well, I decided to add coconuts to what we can all agree is already an awesome recipe, puff puff. So this here is a minor adjustment to the basic puff puff recipe to make it even more fabulous.


300g Flour.

100g Sugar. 

3 tablespoons dry active yeast. 

1 teaspoon  Cinnamon powder.

1/2 cup freshly Grated coconut. 

Warm water to mix. 

Vegetable Oil to fry.
Tools needed 

1. A large bowl with a lid.

2. Cling film or foil (to cover the bowl if it doesn’t have a lid).

3. A pot or frying pan that can hold at least 3 inches of oil.

4. A paper towel and strainer.

5. A Perforated spoon.

1. In a bowl, sift the Flour, whisk in the yeast, sugar and grated nutmeg. 

2. Slowly add the water to the mix. Continue to stir until it has no lumps and a thick consistency. The batter should be able to cling to your fingers and be dropped in thick lumps. 

3. At this point, cover the batter. Ensure it’s airtight. Leave in a warm dry place until it’s doubled in size. 

4. This recipe calls for grated coconuts. Well, that’s how I tried it. You could use shredded coconuts, but never coconut cubes. Except of course you’re looking to have yourself a marvelous headache afterwards. Mix  the grated coconuts into the batter.

5. Heat the oil for frying. When the oil is hot enough, start to drop the batter slowly into the heated oil. It shouldn’t have too much splatter. It should sink and then float and begin to puff.Ensure the pan is filled, or else you’ll have a tough time flipping the puff puff. 

6. Place in a strainer once they’ve turned golden brown.

Once cooled, serve. Hopefully you’ll have some left to actually serve!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Awesome girl, I will try it. Meanwhile, your writing style is so personal and hilarious! God bless you


    1. Ini-Idara Clement says:

      I’ ll try it. Thanks a lot.


  2. jack says:

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    Daddy said with a teasing smile. ?It?s that hе despatched Jesus to
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    That?s faіrlyy gоod isnt it?


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