How My Mouth Got Me Into Hot Soup!

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Hi guys. I would love to share a wonderful food experience I had last year.

The tongue is a powerful part of the body. It has the ability to do and undo. Nigerians would usually say, my mouth finally landed me in hot soup. This means that something someone said had caused them to get into some form of trouble. This was my experience.

As much as I’d love to say that I’m adventurous, when it comes to food, I find I am usually quite cautious. Sometime last year, towards the end of my youth service, I had one of those experiences I deem life changing.

I went to visit a friend, and our quest for food became a mission to get me to eat something indigenous. Finally, we found a place to try.
I had two options, white soup or editan soup.
My adventurous gene came alive at this point. I had never had editan soup, so I decided to have that, with some eba. Dear reader, eba is not a joke, especially when it’s cold and not soft enough. It would feel like you’re swallowing a little piece of stone. Why don’t I just chew it? I really don’t know.

Editan is the name of the leaf used in making the soup. It is cooked with another vegetable (water leaf) that does not have a very strong flavour. It is made with a lot of meat, fish, and periwinkle!  It was very different from anything I’d tasted, it was quite strange to be honest. It didn’t feel or taste like any  leafy soup I have had ever.  I couldn’t quite understand what I was eating but I kept at it until I couldn’t any manage to eat any more. I gave up on the challenge. I am not proud to say that I did that but at least I tried it. It was a very funny and different experience, but I am glad I had it. I can now beat my chest and say “I have had editan soup “. Maybe I’ll try it with pounded yam, my all time favourite, next time.

You can get the recipe here 

Have you ever had something this  new and exciting? What was your reaction.
I want to hear from you.

Love, Ultimate Cheapito.


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