Giveaway Winners

Good Friday on this Good Friday!

Isn’t it amazing that it’s a good Friday on this Good Friday? What a good Friday! 😂
Sorry for the dry joke. Anyway, I am psyched becase today is the day I announce the giveaway winners.
Can I be cheesy, and say that ,everyone is a winner, but only two people can win the prize? Said it already . 😁
And the winners are *drumroll please*

Fadeke Anjorin and Ameena Gambo!

Congratulations guys!

Please, contact me here, with your
1. Name:
2. Address.
3. Phone number/ email.

So I can get your details, and get in touch with you, and get you your cremé caramel, cupcakes and ramekins!

Im so stoked for you guys! And much more exciting, is the fact that my Saviour is not dead anymore. Jesus is risen!


Have a wonderful Easter, and remember that Jesus loves you.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Ameena Gambo says:

    I have sent my details I’m not sure if you’ve received it


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