Cinnamon- Coconut Puff Puff

Well, I decided to add coconuts to what we can all agree is already an awesome recipe, puff puff. So this here is a minor adjustment to the basic puff puff recipe to make it even more fabulous.

Semolina Cookies 

For a while now, I have been itching to make shortbread cookies, but I always find a reason not to. Largely because my attempts in the past have only produced burnt cookies (yes, my shortbread cookies always turn dark brown😟),

A Little Bit Of Everything 

The burger came with a side of fries, and a little tub of ketchup. The fries were just enough. I would say a little too much, but you can’t have too many fries now, can you?

Chocolate Bread and Ice Cream

I looked like a girl on her cheat day. I had this massive chocolate bread (that cost N 250), and three scoops of ice cream.

Doughnut Chronicles I

I have never been much of a doughnut person. I would rather have something else to eat. Don’t get me wrong,  they always look delicious  with all the glazes and toppings but they just don’t appeal to me. Until one day I waltzed into Kilimanjaro to get a scotch egg, and I ended up getting…

Sanya’s Kitchen Yoruba Eat Out

Monday is a public holiday. @sanya_bowlhu Is having a yourba eat out. Not everyday coconut rice. Some days have amala and gbegiri with goat meat. You have no excuse. Come and eat, and meet people! It’s going to be so much fun! (at Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Complex.)

Ojojo (Yam Fritters)

Hey loves, Today, I was rudely woken up by two of my friends very early in the morning and deep into my wonderful Saturday sleep. Anyway, to atone for their sins, they decided to take me on a journey to the west. And how did they decide to do this? By making ojojo (I hope…

Easter Feast

Hi guys, Sorry I have been away for a bit. Well, I went home for easter. 😬 I needed to be pampered💆. Properly pampered💆💆. Also, I needed to cook. Properly cook. So I decided to host easter lunch, and boy was it a huge task. The menu was amazing. Appetizers: goat meat pepper soup, and…


Last night, I decided to do something I had never done properly. Seems like every other  time I tried, I just happened to fail. I decided to try to make breakfast rolls, and oh did I do some research. As most amateur bakers do, I went straight to Google! And as usual, Google never fails….

What Is This Called?

  What’s the name of this where you’re from? Igala people call it aigele. Nigerians generally call it licky licky. Feel free to comment what you call them. Have an awesome Sunday. Update: I recently discovered that they are called Black Velvet Tamarind