ABC ‘s of Shunting (Tips from a boss)

I can still hear you ask this question: “why shunt?”
The final answer is simple ‘BECAUSE YOU CAN!”


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Adulthood is hard. The bills keep getting higher and higher, and the responsibilities keep getting more and more. I find myself looking for where to return this adulthood that they sold to me because I don’t want to do again. There is impossible pressure from everywhere and everyone, at work, at home, from your friends,…

When Do We Draw The Line?

Hi, guys! It’s been ages, hasn’t it? I’m so sorry for leaving you guys out there in the cold. But, I’m back *insert dazzling lights and awesome background music*. And what is better than a comeback? An awesome comeback. Yes! I have an issue I would like us to discuss. This is child violence. Where…